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Technical Manuals

Over the years we have assisted in authoring technical manuals for specialist processes and equipment. Documents have been prepared for plasma lubrication in engineering, setting up and using sensing equipment, training manuals and system user guides.

Discussions first take place with the relevant personnel, perhaps within the R&D Department, from which detailed descriptions are authored with photographs, graphics, etc. included as appropriate to assist.  Screen shots may also be inserted as necessary to describe associated computer software set-up and operation.

As with all our other manuals we produce they are issued digitally and fully compatibility with standard in-house software as we only use conventional programs to prepare and issue the document. The end product is a fully interactive document complete with extensive links to locate information efficiently within the manual.

All manuals may still be printed either by you from the digital files sent or we would be happy to arrange printing for you.  Our paper manuals are printed using laser equipment on good quality paper and presented in fully indexed 4-D ring binders. Colour is used in the manual where it enhances the end product and duplex printing (double-sided) is used to reduce the number of pages and consequently the weight and “bulk” of the final document.